Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Kremer Shellac Ink Set

Shellac Ink assortment set small £31.55 (+VAT)

Most inks use dyes as colorants, which makes them very thin and not very lightfast. 
Kremer use pigments in a rich shellac base, which makes these inks uniquely lightfast and brilliant. 

This set is great for having a large range of vibrant colours in 30ml glass jars. They dry to a water-insoluble film, and can be diluted with water for water-colour like effects, or Shellac Ink Diluter / Vehicle, for brilliant, glossy, transparent applications. They should be shaken well before use. 

You can find the full range of our shellac Inks, Diluter/Vehicle on our online shop.

The set contains 12 x 30ml jars of the following colours:

Lemon Yellow 
Scarlet DPP
Ruby DPP
Ink Blue
Ink Green Bluish
Green Yellowish
Ink Black
Ink White