Saturday, 29 September 2012

Introducing...Lascaux Crystal

Lascaux Crystal is an acrylic iridescent effect colour, 
suitable for art and architectural applications.

On light backgrounds the colours change into the complementary shade according to the angle of the light and on dark backgrounds the principle shade appears as a gloss colour. 

  • iridescent
  • Strong colours
  • Transparent
  • High gloss
  • lightfast and age-resistant
  • water-resistant when dry
Colour range
Lascaux crystal come in a broad range of colour depth that can be mixed among each other.

6711 Yellow
6721 Red
6731 Magenta
6741 Violet
6751 Indigo
6761 Blue
6771 Turquoise
6781 Green

Lascaux crystal is very easily mixed with transparent mediums and  when coated as a finish on dried acrylic produces a strong iridescent effect.

Now available in the shop in 250ml and 85ml bottles please call for more detail.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Marseilles Soap: a painters cure to a dead brush

Marseilles Soap is used for cleaning brushes and palettes for oil paint and acrylic. 

Once made up it lasts extremely well and a pot kept by a sink in your studio will keep for several months. 

Rubbing a small amount of the soap mixture into the bristles of a brush will draw out the remnants of paint. It can be left in the brush over night to help remove stubborn residue and is even kind to your hands.

It works on sable, hog hair and even the synthetic Lascaux brushes featured in the image below.

  • Dissolve the soap flakes in hot water.
  • Approx 1 table spoon into 500ml of water.
  • Leave to dissolve into a gel.

We consider it a studio essential for anyone who has spent money on brushes.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Rose Smith: Book Artist in Residence at Women’s Studio Workshop in New York State

This week we heard from Rose who's currently in Rosendale, NY doing a residency at the Women's Studio Workshop making a
‘Repair Manuals for a Femme Fatale’ which will be a can-do, problem-solving guide where 1970’s repair manuals meet 1940’s and 50’s screen stars.

                Prologue Solo Show

We will be following Rose for the next eight weeks at:

Woman's Studio Workshop

Saturday, 1 September 2012

September Exhibitions

From New Perspectives

4 - 15 September 2012 EB&FLOW GALLERY


7 - 29 September 2012  THE FINE ART SOCIETY, 148 NEW BOND STREET,LONDON W1S 2JT    
Ian Davenport, Jason Martin, Rob and Nick Carter, Boo Ritson, Piers Secunda, Matthew Radford and Melanie Comber.



201242 x 30 cm | copper

Back to front

Mali Morris
14 September - 13 October 2012  EAGLE GALLERY