Thursday, 10 October 2013

NEW Lascaux Studio Colours

Lascaux have added 4 new colours to the original Studio range of Acrylic paints, as well as modifying  3 of the existing colours in the range.

The four new colours are:
949 Prussian Blue - By popular demand, Lascaux have added this traditional deep blue. Adding Tint White to lighten this colour really makes it glow.
975 Transparent Black -  Mixing with other Studio colours creates nuanced darker shades. This versatile black is also great for shading and shadows.
987 Shell White - An opaque, "warmer" white, created as an homage to the classic Lead White.
988 Crystal White - A brilliant white with high opacity, stronger than even Titanium White.

Modified colours are:
912 Lemon Yellow - This vibrant yellow now has a higher level of opacity and optimised lightfastness, producing a purer and more luminous colour.
923 Bright Red - Now made with a new high-quality pigment that gives optimised lightfastness and a unique brilliance.
925 Carmine Red - Now has optimised lightfastness.