Saturday, 20 April 2013

New APF Handmade Canvases

The Workshop here at AP Fitzpatrick has been busy making more of our high quality yet affordable canvases. Our APF Handmade Canvases are made using samples of our fabrics  which have been carefully prepared using Lascaux products, giving you an excellent painting support ready to work on in any media. The canvases are available in a variety of linens and weights of cotton duck, each stretched over a quality 2.2cm profile tulip wood stretcher. 
See below for sizes and pricing:

20cm x 20cm canvas - £12.00 + VAT
20cm x 30cm canvas - £14.00 + VAT
30cm x 30cm canvas - £16.00 + VAT
30cm x 40cm canvas - £18.00 + VAT
40cm x 40cm canvas - £20.00 + VAT

Don't forget that if these aren't quite the right size for you we offer a full bespoke service and can make your canvas to the required size with your preferred fabric and preparation. 
Contact Lee at for more information, or call or email us with your APF Handmade Canvas order.