Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Quick drying mediums for oils

LUKAS Medium 4
Changes a pure oil colour to a fast drying alkyd resin oil colour, which lends a durable brilliancy to the picture. Very suitable for higher picture layers and for glaze techniques. 

Note: cannot be removed after drying.

LUKAS Medium 4 1 litre tin
125ml bottle
50ml bottle

LUKAS Medium 5:
"Painting Butter", allows relatively thick (impasto) oil colour layers and accelerates the drying process without wrinkling on the surface. The dried layer is turpentine-insoluble and cannot be removed. 

LUKAS Medium 5 
750ml tin
200ml tube
37ml tube

79162 Kremer Alkyd Resin
Ready to use, with siccative.

Really popular, fast drying easy to use paint medium.Glossy when used un-diluted and can be thinned easily with shellsol T or turpentine.

Available in a large 3l container.

 70200 Kremer Oil Paint Medium
Alykd based oil medium

 79220 Oil Paint Medium
 Oil based medium

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