Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lascaux Delivery - Acrylic adhesive 303 HV (previously 360 HV) and Fixative back in stock!

We have received a delivery of stock from Lascaux, including the popular Lascaux Fixative and Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 303 HV.
The 303 HV now replaces Lascaux Acrylic Adhesive 360 HV, the high quality archival adhesive that is invaluable in collaging, mounting and strip-lining paintings. It can be applied to the items you want to glue, left to dry (it remains tacky) and then the item you're gluing can be placed or repositioned as necessary. Once in the right position, use an iron on a low setting or a heat gun to gently warm the glue and set it (make sure you protect the surface of the thing your gluing with some paper or other protective covering).
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