Saturday, 25 August 2012

The AP Fitzpatrick Workshop - Bespoke canvases and canvas re-stretching services

Visitors to our store in London will be aware that we stock a variety of quality paints and pigments for artists, but what they may not know is that located beneath the store is our workshop, where we make bespoke canvases and also offer a canvas re-stretching service. 

 With our bespoke canvases, artists can be sure that their painting support is high quality and tailor-made to their painting needs. We use superior tulip wood stretchers made to your size requirements and available in a variety of depths.
 We offer a range of fabrics such as cotton duck canvas of different weights, fine or medium weave linens and specialist polyester fabrics, which give you a full choice of surfaces suitable to the way you paint. Any of the fabrics can be sized and primed using Lascaux products, prepared to your desired finish - The Lascaux Acrylic Size, alongside the Lascaux Primer or Gesso, provides not only a surface ready to work on but also the reassurance of long-lasting durability. As well as this, we can provide special surfaces, such as coloured grounds or super-smooth surfaces. Not sure which fabric or preparation is right for you? We can provide assistance and advice every step of the way. Simply get in touch or visit us to discuss what you need.

 If you have a painting that needs putting on a new stretcher, or a print on canvas that you would like stretched up to display, we also offer a re-stretching service. Paintings that have minor damage can also be lined and placed on a new stretcher (contact us for more details). Likewise, if you have a painting that needs removing from it's stretcher for transport or storage, we can carefully un-stretch and place your canvases on a roll. 
 Contact us for more information or advice on the services we offer, or visit us in store.