Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Phantoms @ Angus-Hughes Gallery

Neal Tait, Claude Temin-Vergez, Miho Sato, Ana Prada, Paula Kane, Robert Holyhead, Nick Fox, Julian Brown.
Angus-Hughes Gallery
26 Lower Clapton Road
(at the junction of Urswick Road)
London E5 OPD
Private view: Friday 11th May 6-9pm
Show opens to the public: 12th May-3rd June 2012
Gallery opening time: Friday-Sunday 12-6pm.

According to the art critic Jan Verwoert, artists in their studio are like Joan of Arc hearing voices and drawn to higher callings. This show is looking at the work of a group of artists whose practice is inhabited and fed by history, the presence of their heroes, peers and other monuments of the Art Pantheon. These ‘phantoms’ are particularly present within a painting context where the weight of tradition is overbearing.

Sometimes consciously invited, sometimes fortuitous or accidental these presences in the studio provide fruitful discussions that reflect a problematic at work. The work exhibited here is not the expression of a movement or genre but rather a selection by a common sensitivity. Curated by artists Julian Brown and Claude Vergez.